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Coastal DNR report is dangerously misleading
Center for a sustainable Coast

DNR’s Coastal Resources Division recently issued a self-graded “report card” that is dangerously misleading. It gives the false impression that Georgia’s coastal environment is in great shape, despite major problems that the report conspicuously ignores.

The devious evaluation omits data revealing fish and marine mammals contaminated with toxic PCBs, mercury and other pernicious hazardous materials originating from local industrial waste-disposal and emissions.

Likewise, the deeply flawed assessment fails to confront the coast’s vulnerability to worsening climate-change impacts, including rising sea-level, flooding, and intensifying hurricane conditions that seriously threaten Georgia’s coast.

With their “report card” CRD is spreading precarious complacency about urgent environmental problems that must be addressed.

State regulators are thereby aiding opposition to well-founded calls for decisive action on climate change – especially the urgent need to reduce greenhouse-gases.

With such self-aggrandizing misinformation, DNR is failing to meet its most fundamental obligation to the public. Instead of protecting Georgians from environmental hazards, DNR is masking willful negligence that serves a reckless political agenda.

 ~ David Kyler

Center for a Sustainable Coast


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