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Commissioners, we dont want another tax
Letter to editors

Editor, Stupid is, as stupid does. Does this statement sound familiar? I think that it is the slogan of the Liberty County commissioners. They just don’t get it.
The taxpayers of Liberty County are against any tax increase, whether it is a one percent sales tax or an increase in property tax. That is why we rejected SPLOST.
What we want is for the county to stop overspending. They are confusing wanting something with needing something. They wanted a fancy cathedral on Main Street when they could have expanded the old court building or annex at a much lower cost. They wanted a longer runway at the airport when it wasn’t really needed, and the waste goes on.
When a corporation faces a reduction in revenue, they cut expenses. A company can’t just raise prices.
The county doesn’t cut expenses. When it doesn’t have revenue, it raises our taxes.
If there isn’t adequate reserve money, a company sets aside capital projects until there are sufficient funds. It might even cut expenses to obtain the funding.
The county needs to learn to hold back on capital expenses, not raise taxes.
When a corporation hires an executive, the company reviews a candidate’s resume. I cannot find one county commissioner’s resume, but I did notice that none of the commissioners have any corporate management experience, just years of politics; yet we expect them to manage a multi-million dollar enterprise.
The commissioners are tax-and-spend liberals. That is why the county overspends and is in debt. The tax-and-spend liberals in Washington have placed our country in debt for trillions of dollars. Our commissioners are doing the same here, but only in the millions.
On April first, the sales tax reverts back to six percent Since Bryan County has a seven percent sales tax, maybe we will see more shopping in Liberty County. Maybe those who work in Liberty County, but live in Bryan County will shop here on the way home.
Do not let politicians spend our money for their wants.

Len Calderone

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