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Conservatives helping Democrats' presidential efforts
Mike Riddle
Mike Riddle lives in Ludowici. - photo by File photo

On Jan. 21, the well-known conservative magazine The National Review published a print completely aimed at destroying Donald Trump’s chances of winning the presidency.  

For those of you who are not familiar with the magazine, it was established in 1955 by the late influential conservative William F. Buckley Jr. The recent magazine was titled “Against Trump,” and it painted Trump as sexist, racist, anti-immigration and not having the knowledge to be the president. The magazine also published 22 opinion essays, like the one I am writing, from conservative “experts” who continued the barrage of criticism against Trump.

The irony in all of this continuing criticism of Trump by conservatives is that these people are doing the exact same thing that liberals do to them. Liberals — and when I say liberals, I’m also including Democrats at the national and, in most cases, state level — continually call conservative Republicans racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-environmentalist, baby haters and a lot more.  

Let me say this. I am not a big fan of Donald Trump. He is nowhere near the top of my list when it comes down to whom I would prefer to be in the White House. Ronald Reagan is dead, and George W. Bush can’t run, so those two are out of the mix. The candidate that I would prefer to put in the White House has their ideologies, but unfortunately, he doesn’t have a chance at becoming the president. Having said that, I will follow that up by saying it doesn’t matter what Republican is on the ticket when November rolls around. I will be pressing that button for whoever that nominee is. And guess what? It is looking more and more like Donald Trump is going to be that candidate.

The “expert” conservatives who are criticizing Trump so vehemently are doing so because they want an established Republican candidate in the White House. And in terms that all of us can understand, what that means in layman terms is, they want a “good ol’ boy.” Yep, at the national level, they want someone who fits their mold as to what a Republican president ought to be.  

Well, guess what “experts”? All you are doing with your criticism of Trump is helping put a Democrat back in the White House. All of you establishment Republicans and conservatives who are demonizing Trump might as well place a “Vote for Hillary” or “Put Bernie in the White House” sign in your front yard. And another thing for all of you conservative critics to ponder: Do you notice who you are hearing little from in regard to Trump right now? That’s right — Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders or the Democratic Party itself. They are sitting back and enjoying your ignorance.

Conservatives and established Republicans, it is time to get off your high horse and take a lesson from the Democrats. Establishment liberal Democrats stick together. It doesn’t matter if their primary mantra is saving spotted owls, redefining marriage, giving away welfare phones or accomplishing one of the many other items on their special-interest agenda. When push comes to shove, they stick together. Conservative Republicans, you better start thinking about the big picture and be a little more like the liberal Democrats. It’s time to quit pouting because Trump is the front-running Republican. If you continue to act like a child, we all are going to end up with Hillary — or even worse, Bernie — in the White House.

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