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County rolls along with SPLOST
Letter to the editor

Editor, I spent a couple of days this week riding around Liberty County and must say I am totally at ease. I saw many sights: responding fire trucks, Animal Control at work, Department of Inspections at construction sites, empty city buses running, bustling activity in all government buildings, trash pick-up happening, and all other government functions seemed to be hitting on all eight cylinders. I even noticed that the sheriff had added expensive SUVs to his fleet rather than the stranded and less-costly police patrol cars. And to top it all, the city fathers made another recent trip to St. Simons Island for some type of “conference.”

So, it appears that we are able to function without the SPLOST. I now, for sure, know how to vote if there is enough nerve to place this on the ballot and challenge the citizens’ statement on this unfair tax.

Joe Gillam

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