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Critical Race Theory isn’t coming to get you
Letter to the Editor generic

Dear Editor,

Everyone who’s worried about Critical Race Theory being taught to their kids in the public schools can calm down. It’s generally taught, if at all, as part of a college level economics, jurisprudence or history overview class along with such theories of society as communism, anarchism, dictatorships and individualism.

Since Critical Race Theory has been around since 1970 and two generations of college students do not seem to have been irretrievably warped by exposure to it, one has to wonder why the Radical Right is so wound up about it now.

CRT argues a combination of laws, economic practices and cultural mores in America have been used to keep members of minority races (not just black people) “in their place”.  Anyone who remembers the Jim Crow era would find it hard to argue against that.

 It DOESN’T claim all white people are racist. It says racism is built into the structure of our society. (Look up redlining to see what it’s talking about.)

  Finally, it is a theory adhered to in its totality by only a relatively small number of proponents.

Jeez, people, you gotta stop watching those far-right networks. What they’re broadcasting isn’t news. It’s propaganda designed to keep you fearful of everyone who doesn’t look, think and believe just the same as you.

This hysteria over a 40-year-old fringe theory is a classic example.

Linda Witt

                        Hinesville, GA

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