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Dangers on road passed Tradeport East
Letter to editor
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Editor, This is a safety warning for anyone traveling east of Interstate 95 to Sunbury. Trucks destined for Target Distribution Center, Tire Rack and Firth Rixson in Tradeport East Industrial Park utilize GPS systems for navigation and they are erroneously directed into the Sunbury residential area, where there is no turn-around for tractor trailers.
This problem has existed since Tradeport East opened and the authorities have failed to correct this safety issue. GPS directs the trucks to Sunbury Road; however, this historic road is no longer a thoroughfare because Tradeport East blocks access from Highway 84.
Recently, a misrouted tractor-trailer attempted a turnaround at Brigantine Dunmore Road and Screven Street around 4 a.m. and blocked the road for over an hour.  The truck damaged turf and tree limbs but, thankfully, no one was injured.
If you travel to or from Sunbury, please be very alert. There may be a tractor-trailer blocking the road and they are very difficult to see at night. Please warn everyone you care about. Maybe someone at Georgia DOT will read this letter.

— Dianne Hilliard

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