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Democracy depends on citizens
Graylan Quarterman
Liberty County NAACP President Graylan Quarterman

Democracy neither begins nor ends on Election Day. It is imperative for the citizens of our beloved community to remain active as partners in policy making decisions.

A great way to do this is by attending public meetings, consistently, to praise the accomplishments of our leaders or express concerns where merited. It is vitally important toward success to hold our leaders accountable for their decisions and actions. 

To build a community that embodies the characteristics and values we believe in, there must be the deliberate inclusion of a key ingredient called partnership. Effective elected leaders create clear paths for constituents to engage in their work as they govern.

I am grateful for the support of over 2,100 citizens who have favored me in the most recent election. Out of approximately 65,000 citizens, 35,000+/- are registered to vote.  Approximately 8,000, (nearly 23%) decided to vote in the primary election. A vast majority of the voting population did not participate.  In other words, approximately 77% did not participate in the election process, for one reason or another. 

Nevertheless, your voices were heard.  Now, this is my request and call to you.  Let us join in holding the elected administration responsible.  Our campaign raised important issues to ensure we, as a county, are held at high levels of accountability.

Two of the outlined issues remain.  These issues will continue to be elevated until they are resolved.  The issues are citizen input in county government and accountability through an established Ethics Committee. 

I have reached out to the incumbent Chairman (Mr. Donald Lovette) to offer congratulations for another term to serve our community, and, most importantly, to offer my support in achieving especially important goals within his present term.   

I have also hosted discussions with other local leaders.  We are hopeful about moving forward with the collaboration of community members, civic leaders, and those elected to be dutiful to the people. 

I will continue to be the servant God has instructed me to be within my community as a community member and family man.  With this understanding I have spoken with interim President Artis Morrison of Liberty County NAACP. I humbly requested he continue as President to complete my 3rd- term.  He accepted, with the approval of the Executive Committee, as of July 6, 2020.

I want to again, thank my campaign committee, family, friends, and the many people from our beloved community for their support and encouraging calls to validate our campaign to run and serve our esteemed community.

The work continues…#Onward

Graylan Quarterman - Hinesville

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