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Did I just say that out loud? Yes I did
Patty Leon new

As I continue to reflect on the events of Jan 6 and the days and weeks that followed there was a growing list of things that kept creeping into my thoughts. So, I thought I’d share them here.

To me hypocrisy is: 

Rushing to appoint a new Supreme Court Judge 10 days prior to a Presidential Election, then saying that holding a Senate impeachment trial seven days before an inauguration isn’t enough time.

Saying that witnesses will not be presented during the first impeachment and then saying seven days doesn’t give you enough time to present all the witnesses and evidence for trial after the second impeachment.

That having to walk through a metal detector in the Capitol, a week after the siege, is an atrocity, but being okay with having children walk through them each day across the nation as they go to school.

Saying Blue Lives Matter and then storming the Capitol and beating a Police Officer to death with the American flag and a fire extinguisher.

That a majority of people who claim to be the party of Law and Order, broke the law and caused disorder by rioting and destroying the State Capitol building.

Taking an oath of office to protect the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and then dressing in your military issued tactical gear and storming the Capitol during an insurrection.

Taking an oath to protect and serve the public as a law enforcement officers and then storming the Capitol while you’re, “Off-Duty.”

Saying you just got caught up in the moment, but that “moment” includes all the time you spent planning your trip, which guns to pack, how many tie wraps you need for handcuffs and what tactical gear you might need to storm the Capitol.

Chanting that All Lives Matter and being Pro-Life yet celebrate the recently rushed federal executions and stand on the steps of the Capitol yelling, “Hang Pence.”

Saying that the voices of 74 million people need to be heard while discarding the voices of the other 80 million who also voted in a fair and free election.

It’s knowing that you were still perpetuation a lie about a stolen election, and then complaining when you lose a book deal, millions of followers and donor funds.

Being more pissed off that Twitter shut down an account, than being pissed off that rioters attempted a coup at the calling of a sitting President.

I find it Ironic that:

The same folks who kept saying the Democrats are fighting like hell to take away their guns, are some of the same folks who are going to be convicted of a crime against the government, meaning they can no longer own guns.

Some folks saying they’re against all forms of Socialism, while drawing Social Security benefits, sending their kids to public school, riding on public highways to public parks and having free access to the COVID vaccines.

Agreeing that there should be a Muslim ban and that they should be placed on the no-fly list, only to storm the Capitol, get caught, and be placed on the no-fly list.

Insurrectionists are facing the possibility of a longer prison sentence because they rioted at the Capitol after Trump signed an Executive Order in response to the riots of the BLM movements in the summer.

Stupidity is:

Taking a photo of yourself stealing the Speaker of the House’s podium, and then posting it for sale online and wondering how you got arrested.

Not wearing a face covering while storming the Capitol and being photographed by photojournalists and thinking you still won’t get caught.

Getting photographed while storming the Capitol while wearing your work ID badge.

Taking photos or being photographed while committing a crime.

And let’s take a look at White privilege:

It’s being able to storm the Capitol, get arrested and then have a judge consider whether the jail must provide you with organic food.

It’s being able to storm the Capitol and instead of getting hit with rubber bullets, you take selfies with the Capitol Police.

It’s being able to storm the Capitol and because you are white you are politely escorted out the door and told to just go home.

It’s being able to cross state lines with the intent to commit a violent act, kill people and then get millionaires to bail you out and be seen throwing up White Nationalist hand signs while in a bar drinking beer (underage), posing with friends and wearing a shirt that pretty much says, “screw you I’m free.”

It’s saying things like, “That’s not what America stands for,” when you know that America was built off the backs of slave Labor after Americans took land away from and brutally killed Native Americans.

-Patty Leon

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