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DOT letter far from the truth
Letter to editor
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Editor, This is in response to the letter to the editor from Ms. Karon Ivery, GDOT’s District 5 engineer. Her last sentence said it all — “mandate a turn lane.” GDOT was quick to mandate the turn lane for Midway’s proposed McDonald’s but did not supply the funds for the project.
She also stated, “Promoting and assisting economic development is a key priority for Georgia DOT.” This is a false statement in this situation, because GDOT refused to assist in the financing of its mandate, causing Midway to lose the McDonald’s and 60 jobs. Because of GDOT’s mandate, Midway will not be able to draw new businesses to its exit at Highway 84 and Interstate 95. No single business will put up $150,000 for a road change that affects the entire area, and I can’t blame them.
The city of Midway does not have the funds to finance the work on a state-owned highway. House Rep. Al Williams, D-Midway, did not step up to help Midway, nor did Liberty County Commission Chairman Donald Lovette. Both of these representatives left Midway high and dry.
In fact, GDOT’s mandate will create an even more dangerous situation because it requires one of the two westbound lanes to be converted into a turn lane, which will cause more congestion with the tractor/trailers turning into the truck stop there.  
If GDOT cannot finance work on its own roads, it should not stick its nose into Midway’s business.  

— Len Calderone

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