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Earn extra cash this summer
Save money
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Warmer weather is just around the corner — and so is your chance to make some extra money. It’s not too early to get started on a plan. Here are some ideas.

• Yard sales: Start looking in your own home and garage for items to sell. What you’ve always given to Goodwill or the Salvation Army could net you a few bucks. Kids’ jeans for a dollar, shirts for 50 cents — somebody will buy those. Have baked goods on hand and a couple pitchers of lemonade or punch to bring in extra dollars.

• Look at your own skills: Plan a class teaching something you know how to do and propose it in writing to your local parks and recreation department or college. Teach basic sports to children, computer skills to seniors (don’t forget senior centers), flower arranging, faux (marble, leather) painting, baking, home tailoring and basic sewing, music lessons — the list of possibilities is only limited by your own skills.

• Language instructor or tutor: Contact social services and charity organizations to organize a class for those who want to learn English. If you know a foreign language, you can tutor or get on a courthouse list to act as translator.

• Tutor in a subject you know: By this time of the year, parents know whether their child is likely to pass final exams. There’s still time for you to tutor children and get their knowledge up to par before the end of school.

• Delivery driver: Check courier services, landscapers and auto-parts suppliers.

• Vacation plant and pet care: Put out flyers (especially at your local veterinarian) and offer your services taking care of pets for those on vacation. Offer to water plants and bring in the mail as extra incentive. Be sure to charge a bit less than local kennels.

• Run Saturday errands for busy families. This is doable even if you work during the week.

• Make and sell crafts or jewelry at summer flea markets.

• Weed vegetable gardens in exchange for some of the bounty. Can the vegetables, again for some of the end result.
Don’t limit yourself to one way to bring in extra cash. Try out different ideas and see what ends up being the most lucrative.

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