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Editor missed point of previous letter
Letter to the editor
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Editor: This is in response to your staff column on July 9. I am afraid that you missed the point of my letter of July 5. The subject of my letter was to bring to light how inefficient and uninformed Midway’s city council and mayor are. I compared Midway to Pooler to show that Pooler has professionals on their city council, while Midway has a mayor and city council with absolutely no concept of how to handle money, develop needed businesses and plan for the future.

Midway can never be like Pooler as the geography is all wrong. But, Pooler’s streets look like streets, whereas Midway’s streets look like obstacle courses, especially Butler. Pooler has work for its residents, whereas Midway residents have to go elsewhere for work. Midway has run down buildings, empty storefronts and property that no one wants to buy. Midway looks like something that time forgot.

It’s easy to say move and some residents have, but moving means that the city will fall into additional disrepair with empty houses to go along with the empty stores. Wouldn’t it make more sense if the mayor and city council is replaced and the city improved.

Wouldn’t it be better to elect people who know how finances work; how budgets are planned, and how to conserve resources? And more importantly, the city needs management that are people oriented. The city council treats its residents like they are the council’s inferiors and the mayor treats the city employees like serfs. Five employees have recently left the city’s employment because the work atmosphere is untenable.

The city wants to spend $2 million on an superfluous city hall while our firefighters are not paid a wage.

The city wants to spend $2 million while there is blight throughout the city.

The city wants to spend $2 million while its citizens need good jobs.

The city wants to spend $2 million while its infrastructure is needing upgrades.

The city needs experienced leadership if it wants to remain a city.

Len Calderone


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