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Elect new leaders in Riceboro
Letter to the editor

Editor, In March, I wrote in to express my horror at the prospect of the Riceboro mayor and City Council voting themselves healthy raises (more than double the current pay). This statement would only become fact if we choose to elect the same slate of officials in November.

Since Riceboro has yet to establish term limits, this is a distinct possibility! My thinking is that it’s time for a clean sweep to replace such self-serving “public servants.”

I’m sure there are many qualified citizens in Riceboro who would serve the city well and look to the welfare of the people. I sincerely hope and pray that they will step up to the plate. The qualifying period for persons wishing to run for mayor or council is Aug. 31 through Sept. 4, at Riceboro City Hall. The filing fees are $396 for mayor and $144 for a council member. I am certainly willing to back and support the right candidates. It’s time for change in Riceboro!

I would hope that the first order of business in 2016 would be to reduce the pay rates to a more-reasonable level for a town the size of Riceboro.

Minister Gloria Brown

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