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Enforce military standards on civilian housing
Letter to editor
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Editor, This is an open letter to the commander of the 3rd Infantry Division and Fort Stewart:
Maj. Gen. Murray, as a military retiree I see Marne soldiers constantly maintaining the beauty of Fort Stewart. But, unfortunately, Marne/Fort Stewart soldiers and their families who reside in my neighborhood (I’ve been a homeowner there since the day the neighborhood was founded in 1982) Sharon, Lesa and Elaine streets in Hinesville for some unknown reason park their autos on yards, never pick up garbage in their yards and never mow their yards. Sometimes, three or four adults will live in a two-bedroom house.
Your soldiers seem to create the problems that lead to neighborhoods’ declining values in parts of Hinesville for residential homeowners.
One military-retired Hinesville homeowner with the same off-post military problems in his neighborhood told me as far as he’s concerned, they can just close down Fort Stewart!
Sir, being a long-time member of the Taylors Creek Golf Course, I’ve been by your house/neighborhood many times. I don’t see any of the above mentioned problems in your neighborhood. Then why are your soldiers in my neighborhood not picking up garbage in their yards, mowing their yards, parking their cars correctly?
I’ve been to the mayor and my city councilmember, both retired military, but have gotten no results. So I have come up with an idea: a strong task force, comprised of NCOs, city/county code enforcement to enforce Fort Stewart standards off post and to make sure your soldiers are not residing in substandard rental housing.
I will be glad to meet with you to confer with this matter. I’m in the telephone book.

Joseph B. Stuart,

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