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Enthusiastic start to school year shared by First Day volunteer
Letter to editor
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Editor, Wednesday morning, I experienced the excitement and absolute joy of welcoming students and parents back to a new school year at the Midway Elementary and Middle schools. It was an experience I will long remember and the most wonderful start to my day in many years.
When Midway Police Chief Kelli Morningstar asked me to participate in a plan to have community members line the route to the schools, along Edgewater Drive from Highway 84, I readily accepted.
On the appointed day and at the appointed hour, I arrived and was disheartened to see the road was deserted. Apparently, I did not receive notice that the plan had changed, and community members were gathering at the schools’ main entrances instead of lining the road.
Undaunted, I parked my car and walked back down Edgewater Drive to a point I thought was safe. I began sheepishly (I was in a sport coat and tie and felt most conspicuous) waving at the first passing cars.
Seeing parents’ beaming smiles and the enthusiastic waves and greetings of “good morning” from the teachers and students as they drove by in cars and buses on their way to class was infectious. We waved and shouted, and they honked as they passed, many mimicking my crazy gyrations. At one point, the Panther mascot rode past, waving from his perch on the tailgate of a pickup truck. Soon, I was waving madly in total abandonment. Perhaps I even did a little jig, fully engulfed in the moment.
I also had the opportunity to thank the school-bus drivers as they drove back out with their windows open after dropping off their precious cargo. They honked, waved and beamed with smiles of pride.
I want to personally acknowledge and thank the loving parents, the dedicated teachers, the school staff and the wonderful school-bus drivers for all that you do.
I am a little saddened that this event comes but once a year. Wouldn’t it be great if, like in the movie “Groundhog Day,” we could repeat special days over and over and over?

—Terry Doyle
Midway City Councilman

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