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Eventually, the bill will come due
Dee McLelland new

I have often made the joke that being from Alabama I don’t do math unless I’m counting Crimson Tide national championships, so when people start talking about billions or trillions in dollars it goes so far over my head….

Over the past few months President Biden has rolled those “trillions” out like a man spending money at a casino after hitting a 100-1 royal flush.

Someway, somehow, that money has to be paid. 

Both Republican and Democratic parties have their spending habits and it seems that isn’t just limited to the federal arm of our government. We also have many spending sprees on the state and local levels as well.

One good thing about our local level spending is that it has to be accounted for, but as we all know that can be circumvented as well. But I digress.

President Biden has laid out many plans to aid people in time of need and to help when they can’t find employment. Unfortunately for him, right now businesses can’t get people to return to work because they can receive more money from the government than putting in hours at a job.

I was told recently that it was “sour grapes” when someone complains about the aid handed out by the new regime. Let’s not make any mistake, the Republican administration under Donald Trump did the same thing, but not on this magnitude.

Of course, right now it will be claimed that corporations and the richer side of America will be taxed on all these programs, but I wonder what people President Biden think built his career as well as every other politician currently residing in Washington. If we think this will simply “happen,” be prepared for the inevitable “trickle down.”

That trickle down will certainly come from the next tier of taxpayers and then the next, and the next.

If you spend money that you don’t have, it certainly, eventually, inevitably will catch up to you.

Like I said, being from Alabama I don’t claim to be a math whiz, but somehow the spending has to stop. If it doesn’t, we will be in, well, in trouble.

I know one of our national columnists has pointed this out, but I have already seen this movie and the national debt, believe it or not has something to do with every American who works and pays their taxes. As we amass more national debt, other countries make advances on our industries and our ability to produce products here, in our nation, and we become even more dependant on outside sources.

To me, that’s not a smart idea. And, if the endgame is to basically make voters beholding to the government for their livelihood, we are certainly headed down a path that I believe leaves an even more divided nation. We shouldn’t, as Americans, rely on the government for our livelihood or for our paychecks. Run a profitable business, deliver a great product that is in demand and reap the awards.

That’s simple math in my book.

Political promises are a very dangerous thing when it comes to money. It has to be accounted for, or at least, that’s the theory. President Biden is spending at a “breakneck” speed and at some point, the bill will come due.

I don’t have a money printing machine at my house, do you? Apparently, the White House does, and it will eventually be the hard working, nine to five folks who will be supplying the ink.

If you see me, say “Hey!”

Dee McLelland is Publisher of the Coastal Courier and the Bryan County News.

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