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Fair-dismissal hearing wasn't fair
Letter to editor
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Editor, A 16-hour fair-dismissal hearing? Where, exactly, are we? Salem?
If that much firepower is needed to uphold a dismissal, then it probably didn’t have much merit in the first place.
I am appalled to read of the treatment Ms. Ramlo received from the Liberty County Board of Education. Ms. Ramlo taught both of my children — who either have graduated from college or currently are in college — and they remember her very positively as a dedicated teacher. My daughter specifically recalls Ms. Ramlo introducing special projects to make subjects more interesting.  
There was no sign whatsoever of incompetency in any of my dealings with Ms. Ramlo as a parent. It is most regrettable that the good name of a woman, the morale of every teacher who read or heard about this hearing and the trust the public places in the board of education were tarnished by this inappropriate public overkill.
Our family wishes Ms. Ramlo all the best for the future, and we are confident that she has a bright professional future ahead of her.

— Margit Velasco

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