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Fear lone-wolf attacks the most


In reference to our conversations a couple of months ago regarding the article on church security and my concerns that the report might prompt some attack, it appears that two of the recent mass killings were non-ISIS, terrorist related or terrorist sponsored and are being attributed to copycat motivation by the other terrorist activities in the news.

These lone-wolf types — or, in the case of terrorist activities, the self-radicalized persons — are to be the most feared. The FBI currently has over 1,000 active investigations of U.S.-based radicals. The lone wolf, self-radicalized and copycat have a more-than-excellent chance of not being in these groups.

And think:
1. Each month, the U.S. Army— Fort Stewart — administratively discharges up to 35 individuals for failure to meet standards or other disciplinary matters. Many remain right here in the area.

2. I don’t have a current number, but just a couple of years ago, there were 400 children enrolled in the Liberty County School System that were “transplanted” — shipped here by their parents because of home problems in the hope that their older military brother or sister could impose some discipline on them. Obviously, this is not a great idea as the soldier leaves early for PT and often is involved late into the day with duty. So it turns out to be just another latchkey kid.

3. Our less-than 65 percent graduation rate provides a pool of youth easily swayed into problem areas, as do our high unemployment rate and family incomes in the lowest demographic of the state.

Combine that with the fact that Fort Stewart’s 24th Infantry Division was the Desert Storm vanguard and Fort Stewart’s 3rd Infantry Division led the next war causes me concern.

Joe Gillam

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