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Georgia's State Federation of Democratic Women
Sabina Newby
Sabrina Newby . - photo by File photo

Dear Editor,

Georgia's State Federation of Democratic Women, State Chairman Carlotta Harrell, presided over the swearing-in of Coastal Georgia's newest federation chapter, the 1st Congressional District Federation of Democratic Women.


On December 10, 2020, Sabrina Newby, Lisa Thomas, Sarah Hayes, Renee Reese, and Michelle Thomas were sworn in as the federation's 1st Congressional District's officers.


The 1st Congressional District's chapter falls within the National Federation of Democratic. The National Federation of Democratic Women is the official organization of the Democratic Party focusing on women's issues. The objective of the organization is to unite women of the Democratic Party, to promote the cause of the Democratic Party, and to encourage full participation of women in every level of the Democratic Party Structure. 


A most profound change in our current politics and in the years to come will result from the movement of women. The nation has come to understand our voices as political power, and we plan to use it to help better build our party, electoral process, cities, state, and nation.


The 1CDFDW services all counties within the 1st Congressional District and is accepting new members. New members must pay membership dues of $50 annually, which rounds out to $4.16 monthly. All Democrats are welcomed to join.


To learn more about the 1CDFDW, please email them at or follow them on their Facebook page @1CDFDW.


Sabrina Newby, Chairwoman


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