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GOP is alive and well, thank you
Letter to the Editor


I read with amusement Will Darsey’s letter to the editor in the July 27 Coastal Courier, “Republican’s Party’s end approaching.” If Will says it, it must be so (tic). This is the old Democratic Party’s way of doing business, and it certainly reflects Hillary’s standard operating procedure as well — just throw it out there, whether it is true or not, and hope that people believe it.

Reality shows us, however, that this could not be further from the truth. The Grand Ol’ Party is alive and well and will remain so, as long as the power establishment in the Democratic Party continues to suppress and enslave people with their policies and programs.
It only takes a few years of failed Democrat policies (Democrats in office) to ensure that the “party of Lincoln” grows and thrives in the subsequent years.

I, too, look forward to November, when we can once again experience growth and prosperity as a result of the renewed sense of God and country that comes from the Republican Party, and which has been missing for the last eight years.
Watch out, you snake handlers. The snake can strike at any time!

Roger A. Well

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