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Green-energy goals and biomass
David Kyler
David Kyler is executive director of the St. Simon’s Island-based Center for a Sustainable Coast.

The Center for a Sustainable Coast opposes expanded use of power-generating technology that releases greenhouse gases (GHGs), including the combustion of wood pellets and other biomass.

Given the critical urgency of our overheating climate and the fact that GHGs are causing it, we firmly believe that combustion of biomass, just like burning fossil-fuels, has destructive impacts, regardless of the methods used to produce these fuels. Research indicates that burning wood-based materials produces even more greenhouse gases than fossil fuels, per unit of energy generated.

Declining markets in wood products must not be used to rationalize activities that release more climate-destroying emissions which trap excessive heat in earth’s atmosphere.  

Moreover, healthy forest ecosystems perform such vital functions – including flood protection and carbon storage – that policies should be adopted that reward forestland owners for the public benefits of conserving and restoring naturally diverse forests.

We welcome the opportunity to assist in efforts that advance the conservation and restoration of forestland. But we adamantly object to forest removal and related degradation of wetlands and other landscape features, especially when using wood products emits greenhouse gases.

Profitable transition to clean energy sources, including solar and wind, should be given utmost priority, and obsolete GHG-emitting energy sources must be phased out. 

About a million jobs in the U.S. are already based on clean-power sources, and the growth potential is enormous.

Georgians should insist that elected officials take timely actions that capture the promising economic potential of clean energy, while eliminating wasteful tax-supports for GHG-emitting power.

David Kyler is the director for the Center for a Sustainable Coast based on Saint Simons Island.The center is a 501-C-3 non-profit organization serving the public interests of coastal Georgia, founded in 1997.

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