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Have Midway leaders lost their minds?
Letter to the editor

Editor: I just received today’s paper, and saw the front-page article about the Midway "city leaders" proposing a new City Hall. They may need one - but a $1 million price tag? Are they out of their minds?

The city of Midway cannot afford such a cost. Those folks need to get their heads out of the clouds. There is no way a new city hall for this small town should cost that much.

Go back to the drawing board, and remember the folks who will have to pay for it - ordinary folks, like me, who are struggling to make ends meet, during difficult economic times, as it is. We don’t have that kind of money.

Spending "Other People’s Money" (also known as "OPM") is a very addictive drug. Many people get afflicted with that monetary disorder, at all levels: local, state, and national. It is the major cause of most social ills we suffer from today. We citizens need to resist all calls for such foolishness. For that’s all this kind of thing is. Sheer foolishness!

Rafe Semmes


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