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Help a mother thank her son
Letter to editor
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Dear Santa, I know some people may think I’m crazy for writing this letter, but I believe God will find a way for Santa to hear my wish.
Let me start by introducing myself. I am a 54-year-old mother of two and a grandmother of one, though it will be two in March 2014, when my granddaughter is born.
It has been rough because we live on my Social Security check, but thanks to God, we have made it through a lot.
For years, my son and I have run an outreach program from our home to help area families in need. Year-round, we provide clothes, furniture and appliances. Ever year at Christmas, we help supply families with Christmas presents for children who otherwise might not receive anything. We have been on the news and in the paper. I once was named a “Hometown Hero,” but I am not a hero. This is something that should be natural to everyone. They should want to help people.
But as for my son, what can I say? I’m the luckiest mother on Earth. I got custody of him when he was 4 months old and his sister was 4 years old. No, I didn’t give birth to them, and we are not the same color, but we never think about that. I would not give them up for anything in the world.
One year, when my son was about 7, we were blessed with a trip to Disney. We had never been on vacation, and it was awesome to see my babies’ faces. That was our one and only vacation.
Now my baby is going to be 18 in May, and he will graduate high school that month. He has been accepted to Georgia Southern. He never asks for anything, and he has been through a lot.
I’m not in good health, but he’s been right there with me no matter what. During my hospital stays, he left my side only to go to school. He has been the rock of this family. Had it not been for my son, I probably would have given up.
He keeps his grades up, makes honor roll and takes AP classes. He goes to church and serves as a youth leader. He never complains about not having anything and not being able to go places like his friends.
Before he leaves for college, I would love to take him on a vacation to thank him for everything he does. I’m not talking about anything big — maybe a visit to Wild Adventures. I would need five passes. I could try to save for some cheap motel rooms.
Please, Santa, could you help make this old lady’s wish come true?
God bless.

— Irene Myers

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