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Help give community a makeover
Keep Liberty Beautiful
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Where has this year gone?
The holidays almost are upon us. It just seems like yesterday we were decking the halls for 2012, and it’s almost that time again. Remember when you were a kid and it seemed like an eternity from one Christmas to another? The days and months seemed to go on and on forever. Well, now that I am in my 50s, it seems like time is on a fast track. I feel like I just put the holiday decorations away.
OK, I am going to tell the truth here: I never even got some holiday stuff completely put in storage — and here it is holiday time again. You probably feel the same way.
You know what we need before the holidays get here?  A 20-minute holiday makeover. I look in the mirror and know I need a holiday makeover. I am a little worn out after the last few hectic months, so I definitely could use some sprucing up.
But what about our community? Is it holiday ready?  We need a holiday makeover for our community.
We are asking you to take just 20 minutes in the next couple of weeks to spruce up your yard, street, nearby local-highway frontage, school campus or workplace so that Liberty County will be holiday-ready.
I know everybody is busy, but let’s face it — as the holidays get closer, you will be even busier. Now is the time to take a few minutes to pick up any litter or debris that has blown into your yard or is along neighborhood streets. It also is a perfect time to do some extra pruning or planting in your gardens and yards. Just take a look around your home or workplace and see what needs to be done.
Whether it is minor things, like picking up a little litter, or more involved projects, like removing junk or an old car that no longer runs, do it now. Even if it is a bigger task, it won’t take long if you round up family, neighbors or co-workers to pitch in.  One of the easiest ways we can get our community looking better is to get some citizens a trash can to use in their cars instead of using their truck beds as an easy toss site for their trash. Dudes, if you haven’t figured it out yet: that stuff is blowing out of your trucks and littering up our roads! If you know one of these folks, please make a note on your Christmas list to give them a trash can (with a secure lid) for their vehicle!
Sometimes, we just need to take a look around us with someone else’s eyes. Imagine what our community looks like to a relative coming to celebrate Thanksgiving. What does it look like to out-of-towners stopping for a break on their way to another location? What will the sidewalks in front of your business look like to Christmas shoppers? What do those two I-95 ramps and businesses look like to visitors stopping for gas and snacks? Do they look inviting enough for people to be interested in visiting by Liberty County?
Outward appearances matter for homes and businesses as well as people. Liberty County is who we are. So does your home, neighborhood, or workplace look the way you want people to see it, the way you want people to see you? If not, then take 20!
If all 60,000 of us in Liberty County and Fort Stewart would just occasionally take 20 minutes, we would have the prettiest community in the state.  We ought to — this is a lovely area.
If you think you need garbage bags or supplies, or even help removing a junk vehicle, call Keep Liberty Beautiful at 880-4888 or email We can help with stuff like that. And if you have a makeover for your yard or your neighborhood, share a picture with us on Facebook.
We all feel so good after a personal makeover.  Just think how good our community will feel — and look — with a 20-minute makeover from each of us.

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