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Holtzmans were easy pick for parade honor
Leah Poole is CEO of the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce. - photo by File photo

The Liberty County Chamber of Commerce recently chose George and Babs Holtzman to serve as the 2016 Christmas Parade Grand Marshall. Why, you might wonder?

No one would ever imagine sitting in the sophisticated and well-appointed offices that the couple occupy today, that when they first started their business in Liberty County in 1978 that is was George, his partner, John Barnes, and a secretary in a trailer on Memorial Drive.

While George toiled by day as a 100 percent commission based Realtor, Babs also worked as a 100 percent commission paid beautician. A Navy brat, she had attended beauty school before moving to Liberty County. Her grandparents actually owned a string of beauty schools in North Carolina, and she was a certified master cosmetologist and even earned her instructor’s license.

When George would finish at the office for the day and Babs would finish her last haircut the two would retreat to their home to stuff letters, do the business accounting and catch up on the activities that the day had held long into the evening hours, before starting all over again the next morning.

"Success involves being willing to work and in some cases make sacrifices," said Babs Holtzman. The two feed from one another, often finishing each other’s sentences and deferring to the other without conscious thought, which when pointed out they site as one of the reasons they have been able to work side-by-side, often shoulder to shoulder, for almost 45 years. George furthers their commitment to hard work by advising that to be successful you must work at, "finding your internal barometer and what makes you tick."

They have followed this commitment with countless donations to organizations that help soldiers and families. George has served as president of AUSA twice, president of Rotary, president of the Georgia Association of Realtors and as chairman of the Chamber. George was also appointed to the Georgia Real Estate Commission for 18 consecutive years. He served on this commission under four different governors and was originally appointed by then Governor Zell Miller.

It’s easy to see why this dynamic duo would make the perfect pair to lead the 20th Annual Liberty County Chamber of Commerce Illuminated Christmas Parade, with their commitment to community and service to Liberty County this is the chance to recognize their successes and applaud their efforts. Especially as they move sometime in early 2017 to be closer to family. While they will be back to see several projects to fruition, this is Liberty County’s chance to say "thank you" to a power couple who have done so much to further the community.

Here’s hoping you come out to line the streets on Friday, Dec. 2 in downtown Hinesville, beginning at 6:30 p.m. to see all of the floats, bands, trucks, cars, marchers and more!

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Poole is CEO of the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce.

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