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How did our nation get to all this?
Letter to the Editor generic

Dear Editor,

Hmm, it’s January 6th 2021, a new year has come to us (hopefully we’ll eradicate the pandemic, solid economic growth and no more rioting/destruction and simply love your neighbor as yourself and respect our animals/land/monuments/historic sites).

Okay, let’s get over Black lives matter, and, feelings on it and my op-ed on recent American inner city rioting and a condensed lesson on American history,  yet not one single local politician leader has responded on my three letters, not one!

My only commentary, advise for the Republican party, get out the vote, talk about the great job/economic/wage growth for EVERYONE!

Concerning the present national vote, get rid of the drop off absentee ballot boxes, too much potential voter fraud. 

I remember back in the day in Georgia you could vote using only an electric bill/water bill as your “ voter ID” no, you should have/get a valid photo ID ( I voted an absentee photo ID vote at the Liberty County Voters register due to a military duty). But no more destruction, removing anyone’s monuments, buildings, businesses, violent demonstrations in like in Minnesota/Rochester/Portland/Seattle/Chicago. 

How about the approximately 40-45 young black children gunned down in the black inner city or the 35 peace officers killed in the line of duty, the Liberal media never mentioned those “stories”. Okay let’s move on. 

I encourage everyone to watch a great documentary movie concerning immigration to the US. It shows various people who are happy to become newly minted US citizens.  The movie shows a class of US Army Fort Jackson S.C. basic trainees, a Helena, Montana US Federal District Courtroom, by a federal judge, people being sworn in as US citizens. The three to four young immigrant newly minted US citizen Chinese girls happily waiving small US flags in front of Mount Rushmore. A Native American ceremony in Washington State for a citizenship ceremony or interviewing immigrant US citizens such as former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and the first woman Secretary of State Madeliene Albright. And yes that 70’s rock and roll band KISS member, remember “I want rock and roll and party every day,” Gene Simmons (that’s not his real name, he has a Israeli name), all telling you why this is such a great country. Remember we’re not perfect but we’re always working to improve it, and a whole lot more people are trying to get here than wanting to leave

Joseph B. Stuart


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