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How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
how to train your dragon 3

It’s the third chapter that might just prove to be as funny, charming, and entertaining as the first two.

The cast from the first two are back in an animated movie that is sure to satisfy fans and give them something that won’t leave them disappointed.

Jay Baruchel returns as Hiccup alongside his faithful dragon companion, Toothless as they continue to rescue other dragons and bring them safely to their homeland.

Of course the other cast members from the first two are back including America Ferrera as Hiccup’s love interest Astrid. Others include Cate Blanchett, Craig Ferguson, and Jonah Hill who offer the comic relief.

In this installment, not only does Hiccup have love on his life, but so does Toothless who falls for a female dragon named the Light Fury. Together they get some really cute moments including a scene where Toothless draws her face in the sand. Plus, it wouldn’t be a How to Train Your Dragon movie without these two flying in the air and displaying some dazzling sights.

Hiccup discovers another society where dragons can live in peace known as the Hidden World and attempts to get all of dragonkind there. The only thing stopping them is a greedy hunter named Grimmel (F. Murray Abraham) who is bent on capturing Toothless.

As with the previous movies, the animation is exhilarating especially when we get to see the Hidden World which has a visual clarity and detail that could rival most live-action CGI and the story and characters are endearing and true to the spirit of the other films and don’t be surprised if this supposed final conclusion makes audiences shed a tear or two.

Like any good dragon, this franchise goes out flying.

Grade: A-

(Rated PG for adventure action and some mild rude humor.)

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