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In support of our Stop and Frisk laws


I read the excellent/informative letter by US Army/city of Hinesville Policeman retired Joe Gillam, concerning stop and frisk. Several years ago when the liberal left wing was shouting about police brutality, Fox News in Los Angeles showed the walled/gated houses, all in the “good part of town”, of 2 liberal entertainers and a sports figure. My bet they won’t need the police because there’s very little in  suspicious/criminal “behavior” in their exclusive walled gated community. Why do I support stop and frisk because I do not live in that type of neighborhood, but in a once beautiful neighborhood, ruined by the real estate industry rental filth, a disease for crime that in the past has inflicted my neighborhood. For information, I’ve been the only neighborhood watch leader. I was a peace officer for over 20 years, so please don’t give a lecture on  crime prevention!

But getting back to police brutality/stop and frisk In the past  I’ve been stopped by the Hinesville police/Fort Military Police, Fort Stewart DOD police, Liberty County Sheriff and Georgia State Patrol, I admitted my fault, all for traffic tickets, net result; 10 stops, 1 warning ticket, several verbal warnings and 2/3 tickets. I was nice, courteous and basically admitted my guilt, which I was at fault.  What I’ve observed is most peace officers are here to protect hard working law abiding peaceful citizens and their neighborhoods from criminal activity. Do I support stop and frisk, your damn right I do and my bet is that potential store owner who was saved from a armed robbery/potential death by the actions of the police officer stopping and frisking that suspect supports stop and frisk!

 Joseph B. Stuart


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