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Insensitive conservatism is dead
Letter to editor
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Editor, I really hate taking the time to sit down and write a letter to the editor these days. When I was younger and less busy, I jumped at the opportunity. But when my ex-student (and a fine fellow, I might add), Mike Riddle, cranks up his old sourpuss critical word machine, I feel compelled to respond.
In his previous column, Mike wants us to hear how he thinks America is a despot nation and how the direction in which we are going is full of doom, gloom and shame. I bit the bullet on that letter and stayed quiet. But when he sharpens his pencil again to pick on feeding poor children, I feel that I must respond before somebody who may be reading his column thinks that he represents the thoughts and feelings of others who live in this community.
Mike, it must be nice to be employed, have a retirement plan, health insurance and plenty of food to eat. Nothing is more insensitive than sitting on top firing at the less-fortunate with laser-like focused, unjustified, angry and harsh criticisms. But, there is hope for you after all. Even old “Tricky Dick Nixon” had a metamorphosis of sorts after being disgraced and humiliated and forced to resign the presidency of the United States of America by stating in the later part of his life that “one can never fully appreciate the view from the highest mountain unless he has laid in the dark shadows of the deepest valley.”
Mike, you have been sitting on a high perch with your criticisms of those less fortunate than you, and have leveled unwarranted criticism of this great nation and its most needy children. Like Nixon, hopefully you will see the error of your ways and misguided thinking and gain some valuable inside without hitting rock bottom. If not, Lewis Grizzard said it best to those who think this is an awful place by stating, “Delta is ready when you are.”
I love you man, but you need to wake up and smell the coffee. Insensitive right-wing, white-boy conservatism is dead for all realistic and practical purposes. That worm has turned my friend — thank God.

— Will Darsey

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