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It is up to officials to unite the county
Letter to the editor
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Editor, Citizens of Liberty County, thank you for your support, prayers and work during my term as president of the Liberty County Branch of the YMCA. I have come to the end of my presidency, and the branch will hold elections for new officers. Until then, the Ms. Hannah Williams-Donegan will serve as interim president.

Prior to the end of my term, the Liberty County branch of the NAACP received calls, comments and suggestions on how to address our community members’ dissatisfaction over the swearing-in ceremonies of elected officials.

It is conceivable for one to interpret that there is separation — whether intentional or not — based on gender and race. This disappoints me and many, as does its portrayal in our local media. We all saw and read two front-page stories and photos — talking the same, showing the same, but yet different.

I encourage the community to go to elected officials with questions and concerns. They are all approachable and are here to serve. Those conversations will help you shape your own conclusion. Along with the stories, replies and photos, I recommend you formulate your opinion based on the emotional exchanges you have with the officials. Be part of the solution.

The offices of elected officials are open to the public. We encourage and support our elected officials as they address constituents’ questions. This is needed so we can work on being a unified Liberty County.

We must keep in mind that Liberty County needs to be united. No matter who we are, we never stop learning on this journey of life. Therefore, our elected officials can still be educated, informed, advised and/or reminded of proper social, cultural, ethnic and gender-based sensitivities.

The Liberty County branch of the NAACP, our citizens and all organizations look forward to our elected officials becoming more aware of actions and possible interruptions that may lead to hurt and divisions in Liberty County. We all know politics can be nasty, and no one is perfect. It is now up to the elected officials to bring the county together again so we all can move forward and make Liberty County greater. The NAACP Liberty branch does not support actions that are divisive and that alienate anyone in Liberty County or elsewhere.

— Dwight Newbould
Former president, Liberty County NAACP

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