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Let us continue firing our guns
Letter to editor
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Editor, I’m sure that Mr. Nobles has reconsidered the rash proposal of banning gunfire in residential areas. There seems to be a lot of pressure out there to stomp on the public, and a new repressive ordinance is not going to help.
Mr. Obama started all this by preaching gun control and frightening the citizens until they ran to the stores and now ammunition is scarce and weapons are in high demand.
I personally have stopped target shooting or shooting for pleasure, but some area police departments and county authorities continue firing practice with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of rounds.
I live near Walthourville. There are many good reasons to shoot on one’s own property. I generally only shoot once.
Let’s enforce the laws we have and not make any new ones. We are all more likely to die from a cell-phone armed driver than a celebrating redneck with a beer and a gun.

— Patrick Lin Huerd

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