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Letter to the editor: Chief thanks Walthourville for opportunity
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To Mayor Larry Baker, City Council, and Citizens of Walthourville, 

I humbly address you to say thanks for the opportunity of a lifetime. I was afforded the opportunity to lead this amazing group of men and women at the Walthourville Police Department.

While leading this agency, I was able to bring the police department and the citizens together to interact as a stronger community.

When hired, Mayor Baker stated he wanted his police department to be “dress right dress.” I hope I delivered your request, Mayor Baker.

I want to personally thank Mayor Baker for giving me a task and allowing me to bring change in the police department.

Walthourville Police is one of the best-equipped police departments in the state. The vehicles are new and safe, and all necessary equipment has been replaced. The policy and procedures have and are still in the process of being updated. A citizen complaint system has been put in place to allow citizens to file complaints, which builds trust in the community. The officers are well trained and take a lot of pride in serving this community.

Mayor Baker, l have already heard the rumors, “They must have had a falling out.” I want to make it clear: I have had “bosses” all over the State of Georgia, but I can honestly say that you are at the top of my list as one of the best human beings I have ever worked for. Day 1 when I met you, Mayor Baker, I knew your passion for the betterment of Walthourville was unmatched. I took this job knowing I would be working for someone with the same passion and caring I have. What I have gotten from working for and with you is a lifelong friendship with you and your family. I want to say thank you for the opportunity which led to my new endeavor. I want to ask the citizens to continue to support you. I have personally seen the hard work to make changes to a broken system you inherited, but change is being made.

As you personally know, I turned down several jobs to remain with Walthourville because of the love for this community and the man I was working for. Again, thanks!


Alfonza Hagan Walthourville Chief of Police

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