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Letter to the editor: Liberty NAACP honors 92-year-old veteran
Letter to the Editor generic

Dear Editor:

On Nov. 11, 2021, the Liberty County NAACP Unit #5212 recognized one of the oldest standing Veterans in Liberty County, Mr. Ralph Dixon, Sr. The 92-year-old Veteran was born in Blackshear, where he received his high school education at Pierce County High School. On June 16, 1949, Mr. Dixon joined the Georgia Army National Guard and became a member of the Ordinance Corp. Mr. Dixon recalled the day he signed, “Once I graduated, we were on the bus to Savannah, for an overnight to Fort Jackson for sixteen weeks of hard stuff.”

During his 21 years of service, Mr. Dixon defended the United States in three wars — World War II, Vietnam War (Cold War Era), and the Korean War. “My mission was to keep my platoon of men safe and to bring all of them back home and I did just that,” said the retired Sergeant First Class.

Dixon stated that morale during this time was very important because the things they saw could not be unseen. To release a little stress and boost morale, they would play volleyball and eat ice cream, during their down time.

SFC Dixon recalled someone wanting ice cream, but the mess hall did not have ice cream. The mess hall had all of the ingredients like, “can milk, sugar, can peaches, can strawberries, and portable ice, but no ice cream churn,” he said. “I asked my wife if she could send me an ice cream churn and she did. We played volleyball and ate homemade ice cream.” That was the highlight of the day.

SFC Retired Dixon received several awards — Army Accommodation Medal, Fidelity Efficiency Honor Medal, Republic of Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Champaign Medal, Korea Defense Service Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Service Medal, National Defense Medal, and Germany Army of Occupation Medal.

Liberty County Branch NAACP, President Dr. Eric Hollis said that he and his staff couldn’t have been more honored to recognize this great American hero. “Mr. Dixon is a warrior of all warriors,” Hollis said. “Equally as important, he is a kind man that loves his country, his community, and his family. Many of his family members were there in support of SFC Dixon during the during the recognition ceremony.” Hollis also said, “at 92-years young, you could still see the fire and passion in his eyes to protect and defend this great nation.”

After retiring from the Army Mr. Dixon, worked in Civil Service. He worked four years at the commissary and sixteen years in Food Service at Fort Stewart, and, once again he made it to retirement.

Mr. Dixon stated, “I would not change a thing. I joined because I felt like I needed to do something for my Country as they have done me.”

In honor of Dixon, we thank you for your service. 

Members of the Liberty County Branch of the NAACP

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