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Letter to the editor: Mama Irene needs volunteers, donations
Letter to the Editor generic

Dear Editor:

I’m known as Mama Irene. I do outreach for children out of my home every day, and at Christmas. As the holiday season approaches, we are in desperate need of volunteers and of gifts for those in need.

We are asking for gifts that we can give out for boys and girls ages 5-15. We know that girls ages 5-9 love dolls or dolls accessories. Any doll will do for a family in need. Girls from ages 10-15 love crafting things or drawing. They like to make necklaces, bracelets, drawing different things, and love board games. For boys, ages 5-9 we need cars, trucks, dinosaurs, and things of that nature. For boys 10-15, we ask for footballs, basketballs, board games, etc. We are also in need of socks, and blankets, (either new or used). We also need non-perishable food donations. We are so appreciative of your help. We thank you so much.

On Dec. 4, we are going to be doing a giveaway of blankets clothes toys, whatever we got we’re giving away.

You can reach me at 912-977-6189 or drop off items at our home, 225 South Topi Trail in Hinesville.

Irene Myers, Hinesville

Founder of Mama Irene's Family and Friends Outreach

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