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Letter to the editor: Plenty of questions for commissioners
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Dear Commissioners, Year’s end is a time for reflection about what you have accomplished, did not accomplish, and future plans for our beautiful, historical Liberty County. 

Have you spent a quiet moment to give 2023 some thought? I can assure you that many of the residents have been doing some deep thinking about where our county is headed. 

Last year about this time, a resident of Dorchester Village Road made the statement “I am not going to have a Merry Christmas”. Unfortunately, this statement has become glaringly true as evidenced by the blockage of the original road, hundreds of dump trucks carrying dirt entering the south side of Islands Highway/ 38/84, building construction, and a flooded newly built road - which have all led to the ruination of the peaceful and tranquil neighborhood these folks have called home for years some for decades. And the worst is yet to come.

 I am still appalled at Mr. Ricketson’s statement that Dorchester Village Road has sporadic homes, i.e., not a neighborhood, when in fact these homes were built on large pieces of property to raise animals and enjoy the quiet country life. Did you listen to these residents? The answer is a resounding, “no!”

 Let us turn to the Weyerhaeuser episode. I found it quite interesting that many elected officials appeared on the Riceboro City Hall to publicly oppose the fumigation project. “A day late and a dollar short” Commissioners. The LCPC did not investigate the project in depth, and you passed the project without asking the question: “What chemical would be used in this project?” Covering yourselves after the fact does not absolve you of guilt. Please do not say that this is not your responsibility. 

Thank you 100 Miles for drawing the residents’ attention to this looming catastrophe!

Chairman Lovette, at the 35% millage increase commissioners’ meeting (another letdown) you asked me if I would like o have a meeting. I would be interested in meeting privately with you- absolutely. By the way, have you made any of the promised slashes to the budget? But in addition to our meeting, I have a suggestion. Why don’t you and each district’s commissioner meet with the constituents of said district and answer their questions? As for myself in District 1, 1, can start you off.

1. Why do taxpayers have to foot the bill for warehouses they do not want?

2. Who will ultimately pay for the Islands Highway repairs?

3. When will you use your thinking caps to bring in creative types of revenue?

4. Does the county or the development authority own property which can be used to develop a decent park on the East End?

5. What can you tell us about the Jelks Pasture property? Is this something that is being worked on behind the scenes. Will there be adverse effects?

6. Where is the water the coming from? Just as Bulloch and Bryan counties, residents are very concerned about our wells and the aquifer.

Have any lessons been learned? Your reflections should tell you the truth.

A concerned citizen wishes you a happy holiday, 

Nancy Holman Maier

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