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Letter to the editor: Thanking God for a new year, a new day
Letter to the Editor generic

Another Year, Another Day

To start With God. As life is a gift And a blessing, Never to be taken For granted.

Biblical reading: Genesis 2:7

Thanking God

Thanking God for this day; My lying down and getting up. Thanking Him for everything. My life is in His hand. Biblical reading: 1 Chronicles 16:34

The Little Lamb

The little lamb went out to see the world, Unaware that wolves were on the way.

The shepherd found out that he was gone, And went after him to save. He saw the lamb from afar, And called. The lamb heard his voice, And ran into his arms. He looked behind, And saw the wolves. He was glad to be back home.

Biblical readings: Psalm 23, John 10:11-16 In the Morning

The light peeks through When I awake. The moon begins to fade. The sun takes its place And brightens the day; In the morning.

Biblical readings: Genesis 1:16, Psalm 30:5

 Poems By Joyce Buckson

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