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Letter to the editor: Uprooting the past
Letter to the Editor generic

Dear editor:

Uprooting the past is exactly what the Helping Hand Society in Freedman Grove is trying to do. This benevolent organization has faithfully served the community for over 73 years. People in the community who became ill or had misfortunate circumstances would be given physical or financial assistance. 

This society also reached out to individuals outside of the immediate community.

Members of the organization willingly shared their knowledge about the group’s goals and have fond memories of some of its past activities. The last president of the organization, Stephen Mullice, died Oct. 14, 2017. It was he, who, like leaders of the past, would manage the collection and distributions of various donations as well as visit community members when sick or had death in their families.

Meetings were held in what one of the members proclaimed to be,” … the little house by the side of the road that gives a helping hand to man.” The building that housed the Helping Hand Society, stands after being fire damaged and weathering various storms. Stephen Mullice, before he died, moved the furniture and stored them in the Masonic Hall. He tried to preserve the old combination school desks and chairs, and a handmade table. Inside the table’s drawer was a small beige booklet that contained the bylaws of the organization. Unfortunately, the neighborhood Masonic Hall was ransacked (in 2004). Among the items stolen from the facility were the items mentioned above.

Members of the society desire to reclaim and uproot any information or items relating to this benevolent organization in Freedman Grove, a community embedded in history. If you have the items, particularly the booklet, please return them.

If you have bought or have a handmade, triple seated school desk, or have possession of the small, square table housing the bylaws booklet, please call members of the Helping Hand Society (Aaron or Gloria Robinson, 884-2139; or Adelphenia Jackson-Brown, 884-5360). Helping us to uproot our past would be greatly appreciated.

Members of the Helping Hand Society

Freedman Grove

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