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Letter to the editor: VA clinic should be renamed for 2 Liberty Co. veterans
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Dear Editor:

I stand in opposition to Mr. Ted Harris’ proposal “to change the name to the Jack Kingston VA Clinic” for three reasons: a) Jack, although a great public servant, was NOT a Veteran b) Early on as the 1st District Representative Jack was somewhat cool to Veterans and their issues. That changed after many meetings and discussions with Veterans and he became known as the very best advocate for Veterans in the House of Representatives. c) Personally knowing Jack since the day he was elected, I believe he would be honored, but would strongly support the alternative.

The alternative: The Liberty County Commission should pass a resolution and forward, via Representative Al Williams, to the Georgia Delegation for same and request Congress rename the Hinesville VA Clinic to The John Gibson/Dan James VA Clinic.

Justification: Riceboro native John Gibson was a Marine Combat Infantryman who died in Vietnam 7 Feb 68 while engaging the enemy. Riceboro native Dan James was an Army Combat Infantryman who died in Vietnam 29 Dec 68 while engaging the enemy.

Although there were many Vietnam Veterans who died after their tour, these two Combat Infantrymen are the only Liberty County residents KILLED IN ACTION in Vietnam listed on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.

No disrespect to Jack for doing his job but believe this HONOR should be given to those who paid the ultimate price and their families.

Respectfully, Bruce A. McCartney, Vietnam Combat Medic Trade Hill Community 

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