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Letter to the editor: A thanks for Whitten’s humor and hard work
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Dear Editor,

I saw the farewell column by your former editor Jeff Whitten in last Thursday’s edition of your sister publication, the Bryan County News, where he has served as editor, writer, humorist and columnist. He did a similar stint with the Coastal Courier some time back, at one time serving as editor of both publications at the same time. I don’t know how he did that, while maintaining his sanity. But maybe that’s when he would tell you he officially lost it.

Jeff made light of his contributions, but he has been a dedicated member of the journalism team in both counties for many years.

As Tom Hand said in a recent column in the Bryan County News, his own stint as a columnist began when he submitted a “Letter to the Editor,” and Jeff invited him to turn it into a column; and he is still writing columns today. The same thing happened to me.

I did a series of general-interest columns for Jeff a dozen or so years ago, when he was editor of the Courier; and after a hiatus of several years (too much work on my regular job), I am now on my second series of columns for the Bryan County News, which he has been gracious enough to print. I haven’t heard of anyone cancelling their subscriptions on account of anything I’ve written; so Jeff has been happy to continue to keep getting “free copy” for that paper. I enjoy writing, and am happy to do so, even if the pay is low.

I wish Jeff well as he embarks on the next chapter of his life. Both your publications have benefited from his many contributions to your pages. Putting out a newspaper is a lot of work; readers see only the finished product, and think it looks easy. Others of us know it isn’t, and appreciate those who put in the time and effort to make it look so.

Thank you, Jeff!

Rafe Semmes, Midway

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