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Letter to the editor: Sack reflects on ‘purposeful’ 2022
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Dear Editor:

As we embark on the new year, M.E. Sack Engineering takes the opportunity to reflect and reset!

The theme that rang true throughout 2022 was purpose. As a team, we were purposeful in each project completed, community supported and step taken to grow our company.

From environmental and military projects, to housing and educational improvements, we ensured there was purpose in innovation. We started off 2022 by submitting grant applications on behalf of several of our clients, and proudly secured $21 million in grant funding to help improve wastewater treatment across three Georgia communities. Positioning them well for these much-needed grants was important to us, and now we are helping engineer these necessary improvements.

As a veteran-owned and operated firm, which serves communities with some of the most highly concentrated military populations in the state, we put an emphasis on improving the lives of military men and women, and their families. One of the projects we were a part of this year is The Cohen Military Family Clinic in Hinesville.

This clinic gives military men, women and their families a place to go to for mental health care.

We also helped provide better housing options for the communities we serve. From apartments and affordable housing, to single family residences and upscale neighborhoods, we engineered thousands of housing options for residents coming to the area. The communities that we serve have experienced exponential growth over this past year, and with the Bryan County Hyundai megasite in the works, the growth is just beginning. We are proud to be a part of the solution of positively impacting the state’s growth.

With an influx of people comes a heightened need for improving educational opportunities. As a firm, we are committed to bettering and building our next generation. In 2022, we were purposeful in engineering various schools, including East Laurens High School, West Laurens Middle School and Cook County High School Athletic Complex. All were officially open and ready for students to start the new school year.

This year, we also focused on purpose in our growth. We created a new branch for our company called M.E. Sack Environmental.

This new entity allows us to extend our current environmental services, offering strategy, solutions and engineering expertise above and beyond the design phase. In addition, we opened up offices in two new locations: Richmond Hill and Wadley. This was all in an effort to grow our reach and better serve communities across the state of Georgia. With this growth, came the expansion of our team.

Adding several valuable, knowledgeable and experienced team members throughout the year has allowed us to best serve our clients.

What a year it has been! With an emphasis on purpose, 2022 brought significant change and growth to M.E. Sack Engineering.

But one thing that remains the same is the essence of engineering, which is improving the way we live, work and play; and our team takes this to heart in the services we provide and the projects we are a part of each and every day. We can’t thank you, Coastal Georgia, enough for supporting us as we continue to improve and impact communities across the state.

We’re excited for all that 2023 will bring!

Marcus Sack, Owner and CEO M.E. Sack Engineering

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