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Letter writer calls GAMBA out on boating issue
Letter to the Editor generic

On June 22, you published a letter from Amy Thurman, executive director of the Georgia Marine Business Association (GAMBA).

In that letter, she called former GA state rep Jack White a liar; excuse me, she said “...former Representative Jack White has his facts wrong.”
Well, as you Southerners like to say (I'm Canadian), “Bless her heart.” I have the emails from Ms. Thurman that prove Mr. White's statements.
Ms. Thurman told me that no studies were done because there were no funds available with which to do them. That's not what she claims in her letter to the Coastal Courier, is it?
GAMBA, as she claims, may have worked to ameliorate the harm HB201 does to the boating community, but only after myself and hundreds of other boaters stepped up and called GAMBA out for several of the policies it was supporting, such as a 1000 foot anchoring setback - another issue that Thurman has publicly denied GAMBA supported. Again, I have the proof of this directly from Ms. Thurman. She seems to have forgotten her earlier comments.
The facts are, Jack White is extremely well informed on this issue. Ms. Thurman's remarks are unconscionable. GAMBA president Charles Weller should remove her from her position, and I assure you, I am not the only individual involved in this issue who thinks this.
Her remarks, and her publicly lying about what she actually has said, have caused considerable harm to the reputation GAMBA once enjoyed.
I, the boaters of the Save Georgia's Anchorages, along with several other major boating organizations, are willing to work with Georgia to craft laws that address Georgia's needs, and in a way that improves the boating experience for all. This will, because of the good faith efforts of those involved other than Ms. Thurman, be a win-win situation.
We don't need the kind of behavior we are seeing from Ms. Thurman. I for one will not accept seeing a good man's name slandered as she has done.
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Wally Moran

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