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Long-time resident has 'great idea'
Letter to the Editor generic

Dear editor:

On April 5, while slowly driving through Hinesville’s Sharon, Elaine, and Lesa Streets (next to the Irene Thomas Park) I couldn’t believe what I saw in this once beautiful neighborhood. GARBAGE in yards, to include some rental military yards. What’s their “excuse?” One Fort Stewart soldier who lived in filth on Lesa Street and was out of his uniform once told me, “I’m off post and I don’t have to be in proper uniform and my house doesn’t have to be to any standards.”  

But I have great idea; have a committee to select the five worst neighborhoods. Pick for the committee, one person per city council district, two 3rd Infantry CSM’s, two people from the real estate industry, two city council members and two people from the Courier, and then print the winners. 

Joseph B. Stuart


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