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Make election count
Letter to the editor
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Editor: Next month, the voters of Midway will be electing a mayor and city council. The big question is who should the voters elect? Let’s begin with the incumbents. Mayor Clemontine Washington is running for city council as her two terms will not allow her to run for mayor again. Councilman Levern Clancy Jr. will be running for mayor. Councilman Stanley Brown and Councilwoman Melice Gerace will be looking to keep their seats on the council.

The first question that the voters have is: should we re-elect any of these people? The answer is very simple—no!

The exception is Ms. Gerace, who has worked hard for the city but has been frustrated by the others. During the 12 years Mayor Washington, and Councilman Clancy have held office, there has been no growth or development. It would appear their only contributions, have been the continued stagnation, and lack of prosperity in the city of Midway. They made the city a national laughing stock, known for shutting down little girls’ "lemonade" stand.

In fact, the council almost lost McDonald’s. The county had to save the day. Just look at the empty buildings on Butler. Actually, look at the road itself—pothole heaven.

The city has $2,107,000 in consolidated debt. Now, the council is adding another $2,000,000 of debt for a new city hall, which is not needed. The city doesn’t even enforce its laws, and some laws cannot be found.

Our police officers are leaving because of the poor working conditions. An outstanding financial director was so harassed that she quit. Again, I ask, "are these the kind of people we want running Midway?"

Thankfully, we have some good choices this year. Mr. Neal Jones sees the difficulties confronting the city, and is running for mayor to resolve many of the city’s issues. Mr. Jones is not new to solving problems, and has served on the Liberty County Citizen’s Advisory Council.

Mr. Jones’ chief concern is the lack of new businesses. His initial goal is to bring new businesses to the city. He is a man of his word and will work with the citizens to make Midway a better city. It would benefit the voters to get behind Mr. Jones.

Let’s bring Ms. Gerace back. With a mayor that she can work with, she will help move the city forward. Mr. T. Gerald Lee will also be an asset to Midway. He is a financial advisor and a graduate of Morris Brown University.

The voters picked the wrong people last election. Let’s move forward not backward.

Len Calderone


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