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Sometimes, it seems like we have forgotten what Thanksgiving is about. We should be thankful every day. Even the poorest of our poor is still far better off than many people in third world countries. I am not making light of the problems that many families face in our country, but we still have many things to be thankful for.

Personally, I know I am blessed. I grew up in lean conditions. I used to say I grew up poor …until I worked with indigent families when I finished graduate school. It was an eye opener. We had lived from paycheck to paycheck and I started working when I was 12. Suddenly, though, I was working with families living in hovels with dirt floors and no running water. That will make you count your blessings.

So I want to share my thanks for the volunteers who participate in Keep Liberty Beautiful programs. Everyone has different reasons for getting involved in environmental programs, but most of our volunteers express a love for our community, a desire to give back and a hope to keep our environment healthy.

Here are the voices of a few volunteers.

Patricia Nash: "I like to make sure that my neighborhood is clean. It also brings bring people together for a positive effort."

Lillian Gray: "Honestly, I got involved initially to give back to a community that has given me so much."

Karen Bell: "I first started with involvement in a school project, but I strongly believe in the need for recycling as well as the benefits of having a clean and attractive community. It is important to continue educating and involving the community."

Pearlie Richardson Axson: "KLB volunteers work hard in partnership with our cities and county to keep our communities clean and beautiful."

Brooke Horne: "I really feel that keeping our community clean and attractive is essential to protect our environment and also to attract new industry and grow our economy. People want to live in a nice, clean and attractive community."

Mike Davis: "Working with Keep Liberty beautiful is a way to protect our natural resource. I also love to fish and hunt so I want to help keep our environment healthy."

Arthur Pope: "Taking care of our environment is the right thing to do."

Kasey Bozeman: "I take pride in my community that I call home. It is where I live and work. Having a litter free county is critical for our health, safety, and wellness."

Charm Reed: "In Liberty County we want to be known for our coastal beauty, not our trash."

Genese Lane: "The more attractive we make our community, the more business and future citizens we will attract."

Lynette Osbourne: "I am involved with KLB because I am committed to my county, my city and, most of all, my environment."

Willa Lewis: "Realizing the effects that waste reduction can have on a community has caused me to make a conscious effort to make a difference."

Krystal Hart: "Being involved with taking care of our community creates a sense of pride that makes everyone feel more responsible for keeping our community clean and healthy and beautiful"

Margaret Bess: "I care about our environment and our commitment to making a real difference in our communities."

It is easy to gripe, but I have found that the gripers are not the doers. The people making a difference are too busy. They get up and make a positive difference. I am thankful for them. Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving. To find out more about KLB, call us at 912-880-4888 or .

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