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Mall a good place for Midway City Hall
Letter to editor
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Editor, This is in response to Len Calderone’s column titled “Midway budget raises some questions.”
Len Calderone seems to be both piqued and slightly embarrassed that the city of Midway currently conducts its business in a local shopping center. His lament, “Even Mayberry’s mayor had an upstairs indicates that the current situation resulted from poor planning, misappropriation of funding and the general ineptness of the mayor, among other things."
Well, that may be true. But from my personal point of view — sitting in the stands and watching city, county, state and federal governments in action — I feel that a shopping center is an ironically appropriate site to house Midway City Hall, and I imagine it also would be convenient for taxpayers. It would be handy to be able to look up a politician while shopping for garbanzo beans. Or maybe you’re looking for more specific services, such as some help circumnavigating a bunch of “Mickey Mouse” building codes that may be holding up that addition on your house. This could be taken care of while you pick up the Crisco your wife needs to fry chicken tonight.
With gas prices always on the rise, the one-stop location would save taxpayers time and money. Does it get any better than that? We could rename the shopping center “City Mall.” Midway would be the envy of towns all across our fair state.
But I stray from the point, which is, why waste tax dollars on a brand new, high-falutin’ city hall for little old Midway when a shopping center will suffice just fine? The amount of revenue required for a project of that size would only put additional strain on the pocketbooks of an already-overburdened populous during tough economic times. It would just create the opportunity for more shady deals, graft and corruption. The local strip mall is a perfectly adequate structure for housing Midway city hall. Just don’t forget to stop by the voting booth on your way out — it’s right next to the bargain bin.

— Lefty Schmelzer

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