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MaMa Irene thanks group for assistance
Letter to the editor

Editor, I’m coming to our community to say thanks for all of your help and assistance. So many of you have given in the past years to MaMa Irene’s Outreach. Through all of you, I was able to help a countless number of families who were in need with clothes, furniture, appliances, Christmas toys, Easter baskets and school supplies.

I want to thank all of you so much because without our community’s help and the good Lord, I wouldn’t have been able to do for these families throughout the years. God bless you all!

Two years ago, MaMa Irene adopted another family to assist me in my endeavor.

Before I go any further, let me tell you about this adopted family. When I met them, they told me, “Mom, if you need our help with anything you call us no matter what.” Bless them all!

During the past two years, they have been such a blessing to me and my son with my outreach program. They have made deliveries to people in need without asking for gas or money. They’ve also played Santa Claus and elves during Christmas and the Easter bunny during Easter.

I also want to thank Lewis Levine, my angel who has kept up with me all these years. I asked Lewis to check out my adopted family. I also asked him to not judge by appearance but, rather, from the heart.

My adopted family is called the Disloyal Few. Sometimes, I laugh at their name because they’re anything but disloyal.

Well, the reason for this letter is to let the community know that MaMa Irene is not leaving, but placing the Disloyal Few over my outreach. So if you can, please reach them at 912-271-2526.

Again I want to thank all of you for help and blessings. MaMa is still here, I just needed some help extra help due to my young age.
Please keep the outreach going, and God bless my adopted family.

The Disloyal Few are like the mailman. They will always deliver, rain or shine. They’re a great group.

Irene Myers

MaMa Irene’s Outreach

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