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Midway Council members walk out of meeting, should resign
Letter to editor
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Editor, Midway Councilman Levern Clancy Jr. and Mayor Pro Tem Curtis Roberts Sr. should resign immediately from the Midway City Council. I was at the monthly council meeting Monday when past council meeting minutes were due to be read, which is the procedure according to “Robert’s Rules of Order” — the rules that govern Midway’s meeting procedures.
Councilman Clancy said that if the past minutes were read, he would walk out.
According to Robert’s Rules, a full consensus of the council was required to bypass the reading of the minutes. There was no consensus. Therefore, the city clerk started to read the minutes. Councilman Clancy walked out of the meeting, followed by Mayor Pro Tem Roberts. Without them, the city council did not have a quorum, and the mayor had to cancel the meeting.
Councilman Clancy left the premises and did not return. Mayor ProTem Roberts waited outside, peering in through the window until the mayor was forced to adjourn the meeting.
Several citizens had important matters that they were scheduled to address with the city council, but their issues were put off because the meeting was terminated. Two citizens cannot move forward with business-license applications because their occupancy-certificate requests could not be heard. The LCPC and these citizens were extremely inconvenienced. Once again, the city is showing its indifference to and interference with new businesses attempting to open in the city of Midway.
Both councilmen were at the meeting before they decided to walk out and by leaving, they failed to perform the duties that they were elected to carry out. Will they walk out again next month? As a Midway resident, I am requesting that Clancy and Roberts resign their positions on the city council and that the city not pay them for this month. We need council members who are not prone to juvenile actions come next election.

— Len Calderone

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