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Midway minutes flap draws apology
Letter to editor
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Editor, I would like to extend my heartfelt apologies to those citizens who had planned to conduct business before the Midway City Council, others who were in attendance and to the citizens of Midway for the unprofessional conduct of the mayor pro tem and another Midway councilman at the May 13 council meeting. These two elected officials left the meeting in protest over a legitimate request for an oral reading of previous council minutes as provided for in “Robert’s Rules of Order” the lawful rules governing the conduct of business before the council.
In accordance with the rules, minutes from previous meetings are required to be read at the next scheduled meeting. However, if the minutes are furnished to the members before the meeting, the council may dispense with the reading by unanimous vote. If any member requests the minutes be read aloud by the city clerk, they are required to be read.
Under this rule, I exercised my right to have the minutes read by the city clerk. Upon commencement of the reading of the Nov. 15, 2012, minutes by the clerk, the two officials left the meeting, stating they did not have time for this. They are elected and paid by the citizens of Midway and they do not have time for the city business? I find this incredulous.
 The minutes from Nov. 15, 2012, have been in contention for the past six months. During this time, I have strenuously objected to their adoption due to two important issues being omitted from the official record. I believe that the public should be aware of these omissions, and I requested the minutes be read. It was my intention to again object to the adoption of these incomplete minutes.
Because the two officials left the meeting, we did not have a quorum, which forced the adjournment of the meeting. There were numerous important and time-sensitive issues that were left unaddressed.  Their actions demonstrated insensitivity to the needs of those who had business pending with the council and their obligations to the citizens of Midway.

— Councilman Terrence J. Doyle

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