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Midway Police deserve respect
Letter to editor
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Editor, Midway has real C-O-P-S, “courageous officers providing security!” Not exactly what you expected? Think about it, and you’ll realize that is exactly what police officers do.
I have read the 15-second snippets of character assassinations in the Sound off section directed at the Midway Police Department. These submitters of literary genius have obviously failed to research.
Reviewing summaries of the citations issued (without identifying individuals); I see citations issued for serious violations, such as 96 mph in a 45 mph zone, reckless driving, DUIs, no insurance/registration, no driver’s license, license suspended, etc. (The latter voids their insurance.) I also see warnings for minor speeding, inoperative vehicle equipment and seatbelts, etc. Nowhere did I see any citation that was not listed in the Georgia codes.
I have ridden along on patrol with these officers and it was an eye-opener. I was amazed at what they do in addition to professionally issuing citations. A whole hidden side of compassion, service and going above and beyond that you never see or hear about. As you ride along, they point out and logically explain their actions. Suddenly, you’re a supporter. I encourage you to contact Chief Morningstar and schedule a ride along, especially before you pick up a phone.
I attended the Midway Municipal Court. Not only was it fair and impartial, it was mind-boggling as well. I sat in court and frequently watched the issuing officer actually speak on behalf of the offender to save their license from suspension, etc. Not just once but numerous times. Imagine that for fairness, issuing a citation and then going to bat for the offender.
I totally support the Midway Police and know they give far more leeway than you claim. So here is the challenge. I have deposited a $50 gift certificate, redeemable at Red Lobster, Olive Garden, etc. The first person to bring a citation issued by a Midway officer for five miles or less over the posted speed limit gets dinner on me. Simply bring the ticket to the Midway PD. You will have 30 days from the publication of this letter to claim dinner on me. Are you up to the challenge?
If you want respect from the MPD, respect what they do to keep you safe. 

Terry Doyle,

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