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Midways late water bill payment policy is heartless, nonsensical
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Editor: Members of the Midway City Council must have left their hearts in San Francisco.
Under Section 6-b of the newly passed utility ordinance, the city no longer will charge a late fee if your water bill payment arrives 10 days past the due date. Instead, the city will just turn off your water so that it can charge a gross amount to turn it back on. 
I pity the struggling family with babies in the house that runs a little behind on its budget, or the people who take an extended vacation only to return and find that they have no running water in their home, or the small business that is forced to close for awhile because its water bill was accidentally misplaced. 
Even credit card companies charge a late fee and tack it on to next month’s bill rather than cut off your credit.
Here’s a reminder: The city council was voted in to work for the people of Midway, not against them.
— Len Calderone

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