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Military families deserve breaks bills provide
Courier opinion
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With a few strokes of his pen, Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue recently  signed into law a pair of measures aimed at making life a little easier — and fairer — for military families.
Senate Bill 114, sponsored by Sen. Ed Harbison, is aimed at making the transition into Georgia schools easier for children of active duty military members stationed in Georgia.
It will do that by allowing local school districts more flexibility in dealing with transcripts, placement and immunizations, for example.
It also gives local school districts the authority to grant additional excused absences to students whose parent or legal guardian is on active duty and is either about to deploy or immediately home from service in a combat zone.
House Bill 484, sponsored by Rep. Larry O’Neal, expands eligibility for the HOPE scholarship to the children of military personnel stationed in Georgia.
While one could argue these laws are long overdue, they are still good news for military families who have earned with their sacrifices every possible consideration and courtesy Georgia can give them.
Making it easier for them to attend our schools is the least we can do.

Jeff Whitten for the Bryan County News
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